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Crystal Dew

Just like dew that, no matter how big or tiny, can reflect the whole sky, Crystal Dew is a project that is designed to accommodate every dream and aspiration of the entire family.

Another landmark being added on Hennur Road !
Crystal Dew is a new project by New Dimensions that is being laid out on the premises of building a home that is inspirational in luxury living and functional in its strategic location. In other words, it is designed with all the amenities to nurture the joy of living together as family, as well as to accommodate your professional dreams.

Located just 8 kms from M.G. Road and about 1 km from outer ring road, Crystal Dew is on Hennur Road, which is the alternate road leading to the Bangalore International Airport. Abuzz with development activities like the bio and hardware parks amongst others, Hennur Road is presently the most preferred location for residing and for investment in a property.


  • 01. Located just 8 kms from M.G. Road and about 1 km from outer ring road
  • 02. Enroute to International Airport
  • 03. Being constructed on two and half acres of land
  • 04. Designed and supervised by renowned M/s. Mark Vision Architects
  • 05. 1, 2 & 3 bedroom luxury Homes
  • 06. Area Ranging from 710 to 1650 sq. ft.
  • 07. Spread on 2 towers G + 3 floors
  • 08. 50% open space
  • 09. Facilitating provisions for a green Building
  • 10. Huge area for landscape
  • 11. Amenities provided as per demands of any new housing Complex


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Front View

Building View

Courtyard View

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